16 November 2008

Vote for the Hottest Female Blogger

NotPC did a post recently on the hot female candidates in the election.

I thought it would be equally not PC to do a blog on the hot, right-wing female kiwi bloggers.

After a perusal I have settled on 3 finalists.

In alphabetical order:

BustedBlonde from Roarprawn

Hot, busty and blonde and look at her ride that lobster.

Cactus Kate from Asian Invasion.

Blonde, well made up, fun and self-assured.

Madeleine from MandM

Sexy brunette, sharp analytical mind and confident, (she is the only one who uses her own photo).
[update: I am reminded that Madeleine is now blonde]

So now I leave it to you to vote.

Which of the 3 finalists is the hottest right wing female blogger? Comment below and use the poll to the right.


Scalia said...

My vote is Madeline.

She's a horse rider so she takes out Busted Blonde and while in a mud fight the other two might get her she'd take out Cactus Kate with one arm tied behind her back in a battle of wits.

And she is the hottest by a mile.

Garth said...

You do realise that Busted Blonde has gone on a blog holiday?

My vote is for Cactus Kate.

Anonymous said...

Madeleine because she is not a skank.

benjamin said...

Madeline, since she talks with an intelligent mind (ie, with a brain), logic and reason.

Busted Blonde is in her 50 ties, so anyone in that bracket is not hot at all.

Cactus Kate is not hot. She is a provoker, seeking attention that doesn't have a brain cell like Madeline. Some will say, but Oh, she's a lawyer, but being a lawyer doesn't equate to intelligent, logic and reason. In fact I have slept with a few of those so called lawyers and they're so dumb.

Paul said...

Madeleine is also a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

So where is the post on the hottest male candidates?

Anonymous said...

yep, Madeline

Cactus Kate said...


As you write like an incoherent bedwetter I doubt you have slept with any actual (female) lawyers and unless Madeleine drops her standards and gives you one out of sympathy, you are not going to sleep with any of us so this merely adds to your irrelevance.

Madeleine said...

Not likely.

Pique Oil said...

Benjamin, you have a lot to learn. women in their fifties have no kids to worry about, no chance of more kids and are at ease with themselves.
With that sort of liberation , how can they fail to be HOT. Duh.

Anonymous said...

well this is fun a beauty competition.
the first candidate has a cartoon of herself, the other is covered up by her internet banner and the last is doing the biggest myspace pose.

Laramie said...

My wife and I voted for Madeleine because my wife keeps saying how attractive Madeleine is and well we don't know the others so I guess she wins our vote by default.

Blythly Surfing said...

Hotness is more than just photos.

Can anyone who has actually met all 3 candidates in person comment?

Does such a person exist? I am thinking David Farrar or someone like him might know all 3?

Natalie said...

I can't see much of their faces.

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Patrick said...

You could at least post some reasons why they are your finalists. how am I suppose to pick any of them when I hardly know what they look like or how good their blogs are.

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