20 May 2013

Duck Drowns

52ft-high (16mrubber duck, which has attracted crowds of admirers in various locations around the worldlies deflating in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour. The giant birdcreated by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, was found lying on its sideon Tuesday night and was completely flat by Wednesday. more

17 May 2012

Civil Legal Aid Exists

It's not true "there is no such thing as civil legal aid".

Here are where the forms are online for civil legal aid which totally pays for your defence if you're say a student with a few debts facing a civil court date.

25 February 2011

Taking Sex Seriously

Psychology Today has a piece On the Seriousness of Sex. In it Michael W. Austin explains why there are reasons for thinking that sex is not mere recreation:

For some people, the claim that there is something serious or significant about sex will seem obviously true. For others, the alleged truth of this claim is not so clear. One contemporary philosopher has offered up the notion that perhaps we ought to see sexual exclusivity and romantic love as separate entities. One consequence of this is that we could love one person and be committed to that relationship, but have merely sexual relationships with many other people as well. The idea is that we should view sex as we currently view sharing a meal. Neither is that big of a deal.
It is clear that some people opt for this sort of approach to sexuality and love, but the deeper question is whether or not it is wise to do so. It is unwise to view sex too casually. Having sex is unlike sharing a meal with another person in many ways, and some of them are morally and psychologically significant. 
To see why this is the case, consider the following argument from Matthew Flanagan:
  1. Children cannot, either by themselves or by proxy, give valid consent to sexual intercourse.
  2. Children can give consent, by themselves or by proxy, to casual recreational activities.
  3. Therefore, sex is not merely a casual recreational activity.
This is an interesting argument, because it brings out the seriousness and significance of sex (see the comments at MandM if you're interested in some critical discussion of the argument; the argument needs a bit of work but it makes the point that it is intended to make, I think).
Of course sex is fun and pleasurable, but [more...]

24 February 2011

Oh Christchurch!

My fellow Cantabrians are suffering a disaster unprecedented in New Zealand in my living memory. New Zealand's heart is in Christchurch.

14 February 2011

Vote for the Hottest Kiwi Female Blogger of 2011

Blogging NZ chicks are getting hotter. In alphabetical order, the finalists are:

Cactus Kate
Jacqueline Sperling

Lisa Lewis

Madeleine Flannagan
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02 February 2011

New Zealand Election Called

No dodging media or playing games Prime Minister Key lays his cards on the table and volunteers 26 November 2011 as election day. I like a PM who knows his mind. I like one even better who emphatically and categorically refuses to deal with Winston.

04 November 2010

Ten Year Old Gives Birth - Her Mother Doesn't Get the Fuss

The mother of the new young mom said it was not unusual for girls in their native country of Romania to have babies when they are as young as ten-years-old. It is not considered to be too young there, she claimed.
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