22 November 2008

Bitchfest Alert

Cactus Kate and MandM's Madeleine are at war. See the comments section for ground zero.

As predicted, 'in a mud fight Cactus Kate might get Madeleine' (Madeleine does appear to be holding her own though), 'but Madeleine'd take out Cactus Kate with one arm tied behind her back in a battle of wits.'

Told you so.

16 November 2008

Vote for the Hottest Female Blogger

NotPC did a post recently on the hot female candidates in the election.

I thought it would be equally not PC to do a blog on the hot, right-wing female kiwi bloggers.

After a perusal I have settled on 3 finalists.

In alphabetical order:

BustedBlonde from Roarprawn

Hot, busty and blonde and look at her ride that lobster.

Cactus Kate from Asian Invasion.

Blonde, well made up, fun and self-assured.

Madeleine from MandM

Sexy brunette, sharp analytical mind and confident, (she is the only one who uses her own photo).
[update: I am reminded that Madeleine is now blonde]

So now I leave it to you to vote.

Which of the 3 finalists is the hottest right wing female blogger? Comment below and use the poll to the right.

08 November 2008

Vote Today

Make sure you vote today!

No vote? No whinging.

01 November 2008

Is Winston Really an Alien?

Sunny O has a thing for lycra and fishnets (and Winston and Aliens):

Without a shred of evidence - I am certain of this.
Winston will already have been approached by the Dancing with the Stars people. They'd have to give him Rebecca (the others would be too tall). He's probably declined because I can't see him in skin tight fishnet shirts (more to the point, I won't watch that).But I am certain he's been approached.Sas' Magical Mystery Tour: separated at birth: #2

Aliens will fix world's problems - later today.
Relax, it's all going to be fine, a psychic called Blossom Goodchild says so., In fact, she says that benign aliens will "come in love", today, and sort things out for us. Possibly with vibrators. I only hope they're really hot & wearing lycra.Aliens to arrive today - psychic -