04 May 2009

Reds in New Zealand's Bed

This is very concerning.

Today I discovered New Zeal which has a wealth of information that every person concerned with freedom should read such as this piece Cuba's Kiwi Fifth Column:

New Zealand has a significant pro-Cuban 5th column-mainly drawn from the local socialist movement.

Many were members of the now defunct Communist Party of NZ (pro- Albania), the Socialist Action League (Trotskyist, pro-Cuba), Workers Communist League (pro-China), or Socialist Unity Party (pro-Soviet).

Many are members or supporters of NZ's modern communist parties-Communist League, Socialist Worker, Socialist Aotearoa, the "mainstream" Socialist Party of Aotearoa, or the crypto-communist Alliance Party.

The NZ Committee to Free the Cuban Five has been campaigning to get the Obama administration to release the Cuban Five-captured Castro spies incarcerated in the US since 1998.

Their latest stunt was on April 8th when committee members tried to deliver a support letter to the US embassy in Wellington.

It continues with a list of high profile New Zealanders.

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